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I DECLARE IT CATERDAY! And as such, today’s photo brings us DC’s Catman!

Yes, this is a real character, with a real action figure that I paid real money for. In lieu of models, I often recruit from my modest action figure collection when I want to play with various studio concepts, so I may try something like this again in the future.

Back to Catman here though, he is honestly one of my favorite characters in any form of media at the moment. Starting as little more than a joke, writer Gail Simone rebooted him into one of the biggest badasses in all of comics. He joins a mercenary team called the Secret Six, became the world’s best tracker, roamed Africa with a pride of  lions, battled zombie aliens, wooed all sorts of super ladies, and could even hold his own against Batman. The best part? Even after this major image overhaul, he still wears the dorky orange costume.