New Business Card

bird-trace-redwhite card Phone Number omittedI’m covering an event tonight, and I needed to whip up a new business card. I wanted to use one of my nicer model shoot photos, but the last time I tried that at my local printers they couldn’t handle much in the way of detail, and anything with a gradient turned into mush. Hopefully, the more minimalistic approach of the tracing will print better. I also took the phone number off for the blog post, but it will be on the printed cards.

I know I’m fairly hit-and-miss on graphic design, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Be brutal, I can take it.

The Amazing Brooke DiDonato

Pity PartyWith both my projects for the day falling through, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to use what little notoriety I have to promote a fellow artist. Not only a phenomenal photographer, Brooke DiDonato is also a close friend and inspiration to me. Even with a course load to rival mine as we went through school together, she was still able to take on the task of creating a new photo project every day for a full year. This 365 project was what inspired me to take on the Thing a Day. So, if you’ve ever enjoyed anything on this site here, this lady here deserves some of your thanks.

I can write about her work until the entirety of my keyboard is worn down to oblivion, but it still won’t do it any justice. Have a look at a few of my personal favorites as a teaser right here;

And then, since you’ll want to see more, just go check out her site at and her Flickr at

I’ve been Seriously, if you live in the New York area, commission and hire her NOW before someone else snatches her up. Everyone else, buy the hell out of her work.  She’s just a brilliant photographer, and an awesome person. I really can’t promote her strongly enough.